My First Cage!!

Its a good looking cage for one that was built in a single day! I am looking to build one of my own as well :) Thanks for sharing :D I love your cham. by the way :D

Thats the kind of cage that I want to make, but I want to use an aluminum screen cage because I can't build. Wondering how you attached the cage to the sink or is it just resting on it? Did you seal the edges with something to prevent crickets from escaping? Also, how do you feed with the crickets? Do they end up in the sink and how would they climb up your sink so your chameleon can reach them? Thanks.

Crickets cant get up the side so if you are going to do it just provide some kind of ladder for them to get to the screen...either sticks or branches

I couple questions regarding your cage. First, what are the dimensions of your cage? Second, is the cage just resting on the utility sink or is it somehow attached? I want to do the same thing with an aluminum cage, but not sure how to attach it to the sink or if I even need to attach it. I'm thinking that the aluminum cage could slide right off the sink if I somehow hit it wrong. Lastly, is it hard to keep clean being kind of deep with the sink? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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