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    Cages re furnished

    Wow that looks fantastic
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    Good luck on your bet and make sure you do all possible research on whichever species you choose. Iv owned all 3 (panther, Jackson, and veiled) and can honestly say that if you get EVERYTHING needed for appropriate habitat, and devote a set amount of time to upkeep the required conditions per...
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    Plant care help

    Since we live like 10 mins away, I know that the weather outside has been pretty cold so sticking it out there isn't that great of an option right now Hahah. What I do for my umbrella plants is add coffee grounds into the soil. This acts as a fertilizer and is a much safer alternative to regular...
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    Calling all Crazy Eyes Chameleons!

    I upload my pics to photobucket and copy the direct link to my clipboard. Then here on chamforums, I put the "insert image" icon and insert the copied html. You can upload multiple at a time and theyre large instead of thumbnails
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    Calling all Crazy Eyes Chameleons!

    Sulu/Ahura Baby from 9/1/13 batch
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    CrazyEyesChams Gallery

    This thread is for pictures of chameleons that came from the fantastic breeders over at CrazyEyesChams Be sure to include cham age and who the parents are!!! This is Boomer He came from the 9/1/13 batch of Sulu/Ahura
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    Panther Chameleon Lay Box OUTSIDE of Habitat?

    This might be a weird and stupid question but has anyone ever heard of or had experience taking a gravid female panther chameleon when she is showing signs of looking for a place to deposit eggs and removing her from her habitat and placing her in a lay box outside of her habitat? This is the...
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    need help picking a panther breeder

    I am more than happy with both my Kammerflage chameleon even though they are a little expensive as well as mine from CrazyEyesChams you can find them on Facebook.
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    Carlos Danger Color Development

    The sire is Flaming River
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    My Panther boy

    Absolutely amazing looking boy. Keep us posted as his color develops more!
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    Carlos Danger Color Development

    Full ambilobe from Kammerflagekreations haha
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    Bowser Color Development

    Name change to Boomer
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    Carlos Danger Color Development

    And today, just a lil over 6 months...finishing shedding
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