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    Advice on Panther’s Egg laying ‘burrow’

    Thank you! She’s back digging in the plant today as if nothing happened. I won’t distub her until she’s done this time.
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    Advice on Panther’s Egg laying ‘burrow’

    She came out & abandoned the hole in the last 15 mins. I feel so bad that I didn’t know until I brought the plant down looking for her. I put her and the plant in another room with a proper egg laying bin next to it so she has her choice. It’s been several years since I’ve had eggs. Do they...
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    Advice on Panther’s Egg laying ‘burrow’

    So my rescued female panther showed no interest in her egg laying bin for the last month. While I was cleaning her cage today, I put her on this hanging plant. Before I knew it, she burrowed down into it to lay her eggs. It hasn’t been watered in a while. She’s asleep in there now. Should I just...
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    Tortoise Town? Backwater Reptiles?

    I have a few chameleons from backwater that were bought for me as a gift. They would not be my 1st choice, but I didn’t want to turn the gifted babies away. What I can tell you from the relative that purchased them is they informed him after he paid that they were out of all the kinds he...
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    Humidity troubles with changing weather

    Hi all, Our weather in Springfield MO has been crazy this winter. One day it’s 65 and the next is 30. I’m noticing that when it’s cold & we run the central heaters the cage humidity is averaging 40% even with a misting system, cages high up, natural plants, drips etc. when the days are warmer, I...
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    New “rescued” panthers chameleon pair

    Perhaps she is just chubby - wouldn’t surprise me. She’s a lot fatter than the pic shows. What would be an additional sign she is gravid? Its been at least 10 years since I’ve actually tried to breed & this was unplanned. I’m reading & following through on all preparations just in case.
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    Thank you & Introduction

    Hi, I’ve been an avid reader of this forum for quite some time, so I finally decided to create a profile & start posting. First, I want to thank everyone here as the variety of posts really helped me set up and solidify my goal of owning chameleons again last year! A little about me: I work...
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    New “rescued” panthers chameleon pair

    I’m newer to this forum & saw this post. I also rescued a gravid girl from Petco on New Years Eve. She is near the pink color of yours. They said they had her with a male for almost 60 days then alone for 30 days. I have 7 other chameleons & never bought from a pet store before. I’m wondering...
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