Thank you & Introduction


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I’ve been an avid reader of this forum for quite some time, so I finally decided to create a profile & start posting.

First, I want to thank everyone here as the variety of posts really helped me set up and solidify my goal of owning chameleons again last year!

A little about me: I work from home as a data scientist for a Silicon Valley company. The chameleons really help me manage my stress & detox from technology as needed throughout the day.

My chameleon crew:
2 furcifer ousties juvenile (m & f)
1 Ambanja Panther adult male
1 Nosey B Panther adult female
1 Pink Panther Rescued (f)
2 Jackson adult females
1 Jackson juvenile male

I plan on adding a few more in the coming months as we build custom cages in preparation for spring!

Looking forward to future reading & posting,
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