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    Comment by 'gegeland' in media 'Cooper'

    [email protected] Scale master perf... I wanna babe. Plz.
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    Attack cham

    F*** Facelibrio
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    Attack cham

    You should: I struggle to find quality cham vids on the youtubes. I am also in the aquarium scene, and there are videos galore of the underwater freshwater tank science; but the chameleon experts don't boast on the tubes, and instead post albums on the forums. No?
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    Fiona's 2nd clutch

    Time to fertilize???? Those are fine looking crack'as.
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    Is my Panther Male or Female (pictures inside)

    The last picture makes male likely, some serious contours behind the tail; I will be excited to see what happens in the end.
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    Can chameleons see red heat lamps

    Probably no is not necesarrio. Unless you have a drafty area, or a window open. I keep my room at 60 and under during the winter times in northern Minnesota, so my theoretiqual cham stays in the living area where temp bounces between 60-75 F.
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    Zippy, Carpet cham

    How old is this guy?
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    mixing chams

    This is tough love.
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    mixing chams

    No No No NO
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    My new chameleon is very dark gray all the time

    Probably needs a higher ambient temperature, do you have a temp gauge?
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    Pictures descriptions of setup's

    Wet paper towels? Why wet? I feel as though dry paper towels are easier to clean up then wet ones. I don't think there is any reason to have soaking paper towels on the floor of your cage. As for the rest of the setup (I wish I had pictures) I always buy a large potted plant (usualy...
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    Parson's at the Museum

    Went to my local museum (Milwaukee Public Museum) the other day. While looking through their collection of preserved reptile and amphibian specimens I found this guy on the bottom shelf. I assume it is formaldehyde that they have in the jar for preservation. All the color was completely gone...
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    Morning sun

    Wow, he must weigh a ton!
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    Cute little lats

    You wouldn't happen to know their weights by any chance wouldya? I have no idea if my female has reached her full size, or close to it, since I have never seen an adult Lateralis in person. Size comparisons are tricky to comprehend through pictures. My little lady comes in at around 2.5"...
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    How important is dusting?

    What article was this?
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