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    A Little Oustalets Breeding Insights

    Heres a brief post i did on my fb page about breeding furcifer oustaletti. Ive been breeding them for a few years and I've had a lot of experience with them in the wild as well.
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    Ambilobe Babies YBRB Ready To Ship

    I've got some Skillet babies ready to ship! Males & females 2-3 months old. Raised outdoors in the sun, strong and healthy. Here's pics of some of the babies as well pics of Skillet the sire and Ryker, the mama's daddy. Strong Yellow Body Red Bar Ambilobe lines. Green body that fires yellow...
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    Question about first cham egg ive ever hatched

    I just hatched my first panther cham (actually my first cham of any kind). I was surprised a bit to see one of the eggs begin to sweat because i had been incubating the eggs at 74 degrees and it was still 2 weeks shy of 9 months so i figured they'd make it closer to 10 months to hatch at that...
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    RB Ambilobe w/Gout, Need Insights

    Update: the vet found the lumps to be nothing more than an abscess. He said he had seen lots of abscesses but never one quite like this one or in that location. He lanced and drained it, put some antibiotic gel in the void, then gave him an antibiotic shot. I have 5 more shots of the antibiotic...
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    RB Ambilobe w/Gout, Need Insights

    Ferretinmyshoes, i know i cant be the first to mention this but your avatar's tail is curling the wrong way! You need to get your avatar to the vet!!;)
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    RB Ambilobe w/Gout, Need Insights

    You guys are great. I have a vet appointment for this Friday morning. Ill let you all know what i find out so we can all learn a little more. Hopefully this boy can get healthy and back on the saddle again, if you know what i mean ;) I'm just happy it isn't likely gout. Dr. O, id like to...
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    RB Ambilobe w/Gout, Need Insights

    Thanks again everyone! Keep the info coming! The more i get from you guys the more things make sense. A few weeks before any obvious symptoms, he was in with a receptive female who was literally crawling underneath him trying to get some action and he wasn't interested in the slightest. A...
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    RB Ambilobe w/Gout, Need Insights

    Interesting. Thats why my first question was about my diagnosis. If i have it wrong, and nobody on here knows, then i will take him in. Why do you say it isn't gout? It fits the description to a T as far as I could tell. Crystals are forming in his hip joints and that causes the swelling. He...
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    RB Ambilobe w/Gout, Need Insights

    I have a male Red Bar Ambilobe who got gout. I have read a lot on the disease in chams and have determined the cause to be a combination of raising my crickets on dog food (mainly) and night time temps being too low (he's kept outside in Naples and got down to 40F one night he was out and i had...
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    Erroneous Conclusions Hurt Husbandry

    A problem i often see is people humanizing them. They treat the cham the way they would want to be treated but that cham isn't a person and doesn't want to be treated like we do. My daughter does this with all kinds of animals and has killed them from time to time (in the goodness of her heart)...
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    Question about water crystals

    The ball kind are the same polymere used in the granulated kind so they'll work but you have to make sure they didnt add perfumes to them or fertilizer and that the coloring they use on them is food safe. The crystals are plain and safe. The balls are usually for some decorative purpose or for...
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    Roam free in the back yard?

    Ha! "Little Bugger" unintended pun.
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    eggbound dying

    Denverbug is right, no need to feel sorry! I was just telling the story in the hopes that others would be able to save babies if they were ever in the same boat with an egg bound female that didnt make it. If her eggs werent fertile then thee was certainly no need to cut her open! Let her rest...
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    3.5 mo Panther feeder recommendations?

    They need a like button on these forums
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    Total length of a veiled

    This one was 21" and missing the end of his tail. WC in Florida a couple of months ago. We also found 15 hatchlings in the bushes close by which was cool for obvious reasons but also bc it was January and in the 50's at night. You rarely find hatchlings in the winter. Thee was also a nice big...
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