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    my little bannana from kammoflage

    here he is
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    Planting mediums...

    yes it is possible, if you plan on adding nutrients to the water that you are feeding. If you are going all hydroton then you will need to feed the plants and they will need to be watered 3 to 4 times a day with this nutrient solution. Your better off with 1/2 soil 1/2 hydroton
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    Planting mediums...

    what i do sometimes is take out the first 3-4 inches of the soil of my plants. then i will put in bigger pond type rocks or hydron will work to although its kinda small and for some bigger chams they might be able to eat it. under the rocks i will use a light soil mix with larger rocks in it as...
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    crickets roaming or cup

    Ive been using this method and it works best for me, just a blastic soda bottle with a peice of velcrow up the back so they can cilmb up it. some of them jump out but most dont and everytime i put it in there he knows its time to eat. free roaming crickets fall into water more often and die...
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    Pictures of my new panther from kamofloge creations

    This is a male from the little bananna bloodline. Just got him yesteday and hes already eating cricks and fruitflys. Seems to be doing pretty good , so anyways on with the pics.. I also included some pics of his outdoor cage that i just finished today but hes not going to be able to go in it for...
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    cham climbing on the roof of the reptarium

    how high do you keep it off the screen? just an inch or 2?
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    cham climbing on the roof of the reptarium

    anyone have theirs do this alot? mine seems to love going up there. my basking lamp sits on top of there to so it kinda scares me, how far away should i have the basking lamp from the top of my cage if he keeps going under it?
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    anyone have problems with live plants and heat lamps?

    does anyone have a problem with their heat lamps killing off their live plants? i have a umbrella tree that doesnt seem to like the heat lamp at all. im only using a 50watt heat lamp and its about 5 inchs away from the plant, temps on top of the plant are about 93
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    where should I get my chameleon from?

    i just bought mine today through , heard of alot of people getting them from them and being happy with the results. plus they are close to me and their prices seem a bit better then other places
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    ESU 20" combo lights

    cool i think ill go with seprate ones so i can controll the distance of the basking lamp from the basking spot. this one seems like i wouldnt have a choice how hot it gets in there
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    ESU 20" combo lights

    What does everyone think of these.. combo light with a flourecent and 2 ceramic sockets for a basking bulb and something else. Any good? Anyone use one?
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    what suppliments to use for indoor/outdoor cham

    i forgot to include that this is for a panther male that will be about 6 months old at most when i get him, ill take a look at that miner all
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    what suppliments to use for indoor/outdoor cham

    just curious , what suppliments should i use for cham that will be housed indoors and outdoors as much as possible?
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