cham climbing on the roof of the reptarium


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anyone have theirs do this alot? mine seems to love going up there. my basking lamp sits on top of there to so it kinda scares me, how far away should i have the basking lamp from the top of my cage if he keeps going under it?
My male Veiled used to do this so I propped up the UVB light up about 3 inches. The temps were well over 100 degrees with the flourescent light sitting right on top. I keep my basking light elevated off of the screen also. Wood strips or blocks work well.
Just under 2 inches. I have a thermometer with a probe and checked the temps from inside the cage under the light.
my male veiled loved climbing to the top of the cage, he would climb up and climb on the wire holding the basking light up. this obviously scared me so everytime he went up i would just bring him back down. this persisted for about 5 days, then i caught him in the act. he was almost all the way out when he saw me and then turned around and went back inside. he hasn't tried since!
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