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    genic mutation or BMD

    I don't really understand how often is new to raise chameleon and how often belong to expert? that one was bred by myself, it is only one to show odd casque among a numbers of Veiled I bred.
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    genic mutation or BMD

    DO you think that the casque is bent? and whether it is gnarly or not?
  5. Genic Mutation3

    Genic Mutation3

    genic mutation
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    genic mutation or BMD

    Yes, anything indicate it is good boy but casque. and its casque is very straight, If its offspring can inherit this casque from it, I may get a new subspecies LOL
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    genic mutation or BMD

    I guess that it is genic mutation. coronet is hardness so it is not BMD. and there is not any sign else indicating MBD.
  8. Genic Mutation2

    Genic Mutation2

    genic mutation
  9. Genic Mutation

    Genic Mutation

    genic mutation
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    Retained sperm

    I want to ask whether the sperm was retained at least 6 months as long as they mate up? even the female was forced to mate and without gestation. The second is how to make the sperm inside keep the longest time in female body. cold environment? Thanks
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    renal deficiency

    Can renal deficiency happen to the male chameleon that mate with several female chameleon everyday?
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    The outflow of egg white

    Do you know that the egg have run out also hatch to neonate. a few months ago, I have hatched out some neonates from the eggs, the neonates are very tight because white part running out. they could not obtain enough nutrition from egg white. If it was catched insect, I guess that it can not...
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    The outflow of egg white

    Thanks for everybody above. I have never added water since beginning to incubate. If vermiculite was too moist, why the eggs have incubated for 4 months? the eggs should be moldy in moist vermiculite. right? why only one was broken, most of eggs are good in the same hatching ? Thanks
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    The outflow of egg white

    My veiled's egg was broken by itself and then egg white streamed from the hole. the eggs more than four months, why it can happen? thanks
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    sexuality of male

    I want to ask how to know male get in heat. I know someone say male always be in heat. but, my male (veiled and panther) didn't take any reaction when the male look at the female in oestrum. sometimes, the male did reaction to female very slowly/. the male is one year old.
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