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    China cabinet enclosure

    Changed some things up with my chams enclosure. New plants and some more sticks. What do yall think? Any suggestions??
  2. Zip


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    4month old Panther cham colors

    Yeah, I really have noticed a big color change in my panther from the 4 month to five month time frame. First picture is about 3.5 months, second picture is around now which is a little over 5 months.
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    Mistking tips?

    Sweet, thanks for the link to the rain thing. I'll for sure be doing this at some point.
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    Mistking tips?

    That's awesome! Is it possible to do the rain dome and have a mist nozzle or is the pressure not enough to do both?
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    Mistking tips?

    Threads are always better with pictures too.
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    Mistking tips?

    I'm supposed to be getting a mistking system today. Any tips or tricks from people that have already set these up before?
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    Overcrowding an enclosure?!

    Here is what it looks like now. The hibiscus was in the middle. It was pretty small.
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    Overcrowding an enclosure?!

    I think overcrowding is possible. I had a palm plant, hibiscus, scheflera, and a pothos in my panthers cage and he never seemed to come down from the top bamboo branch. The hibiscus wasn't seeming to do well in the cage so I took it outside to let it bolster up some. In the mean time, he's...
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    New photos

    Here's some new photos of our chameleon. Not Any Real Reason, Just Always Love Pics Of any chameleon. :) He's about 5 months old now. Can't imagine what his colors will look like when he's older. It blows our mind how much he changes between sheds.
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    Comment by 'DigitalBeetle' in media 'Morning colors'

    This is my 4.5 month old panther Zip.
  12. Morning colors

    Morning colors

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    Locale opinions

    Here is my ambilobe, I would say they look pretty similar!
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    My new cham Marlin

    The picture of his casque and it rimmed in red is awesome.
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    Help identifying this tortoise

    Looks like a really dark shelled sulcata
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