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    Some videos of my female melleri eating, very long shots

    i hope she does turn out to be gravid. good luck to you.
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    exo terra thermometer

    is it analog or digital? i would just get a new one if it is messing up. i wouldnt bother trying to fix it. exo terra isnt the best i would get one from a hydroponics store. they always have the best stuff when it comes to things like that.
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    Update on Zelda ;-)

    good too see she made it. my female panther died in my hands a little over a month ago now. im still not nearly over it and it brings tears to my eyes just typing this. it was a very traumatic experience for me. to know your cham is getting better must be a great feeling. i wish my girl would...
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    Does anybody know if this poop is normal

    the orange urate definitely means dehydration. the runny poop is a sign of parasites but could just be from being dehydrated. i would do what kinyonga said and try dripping water on your chams nose. he may not be trying to throw up he may be gaping! he could have a upper respiratory infection if...
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    Maynard the Melleri

    I dont know if it has made him more confident/ friendly. but it is definitely keeping him really happy! he is almost to the point of climbing on me without hesitation. so it may be helping but i dont know. he has been free ranged since the day i got him. so its basically impossible to know if...
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    Maynard the Melleri

    so this i have a bit of a funny story about maynard to share today. i woke up this morning at 8:20 to feed maynard like usual. i offered him a cricket and he wasn't interested. so then i offered him a superworm and he wasnt interested either. i went back to bed thinking he wasnt hungry and i...
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    Maynard the Melleri

    thanks deb! i still think you have me beat though hahaha! im getting my misting system today so its still in construction a bit. but i think its going to turn out pretty awsome! and maynard is happy so thats all that matters!
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    Maynard the Melleri

    I started this thread to post things about my new mellers chameleon. here is two videos of him munching out and one showing his free range. \ feeding vids: Free Rang video...
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    Melleri Room Finished!

    i believe those are flood tables. you can get them at hydroponic stores. the one i have is 6 foot by 4 foot. you can also buy drains for them and put them wherever you like. i just used a few shims to angle it slightly to one corner. works great.
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    Melleri eating superworm.

    here is Maynard munching a super. thanks for watching! :)
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    Check out my freerange!

    nice freerange! i like your plants!
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    Guinevere the Meller's finally seems to be doing better

    Good to hear. I just got my first mellers and I was fortunate enough to receive a very healthy animal. I'm happy yours is coming around. They are quite the characters. Good luck to yours in the future! It sounds like the worst is over :)
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    How Dumb Was This?

    i would buy bulk and keep them in a big rubber maid storage container. dont bother with the critter keepers. if you put a bowl of dirt into the cricket cage they will lay eggs and then you will have free crickets. i usually only buy crickets once every month and that is just to replace adult...
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    question regarding purchasing from pet store

    completely agree with sticktongue. i have bought both my chams online one from a breeder and one from a supplier and i couldnt have found a better price. if your looking to save some money go to a breeder. if your looking for a veiled you will find one in no time.
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    Mellers only pooping Urates

    i have been having a hard time getting him to drink from the mister like i did the one day. i have been using a syringe though to give him a bit of water. the only way i can get him to drink though is to make him eat a cricket first and then sneak some into his mouth when he is chewing. is this...
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