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    my jacksons

    yea i figured that much cuz one is bigger than the other (looks older to me) and has a different pattern. Which is why i specified the second pic. The second is kinda fat and angry lol.
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    my jacksons

    They look really nice. How big (length) and how old is the one in the second pic?
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    My beardie..

    cute!!! I'm thinking of getting one too but I have to get a 55gallon from my friend first. I have a 20 gallon for a baby and then a 55gallon for the adult when he/she gets older. It'll prolly be a year or so before this all come to fruition I'll be fully prepared by then I think. ^_^
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    I could use some tips/tricks, please. :)

    You try asking what the previous owner fed it? Or mayb how he/she fed it mayb its just picky.
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    Is he okay to get?

    I've seen the uromastyx (they look kinda funny to me). My friend had to euthanize one because it was kept on a radiator by some dumb shmuck. He took the uro. from the guy and tried everything to rehabilitate it but it was no good. One leg was totally lame and had to be amputated but even...
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    What's wrong with her??? :(

    A universal chameleon sign for throwing something up? That 'drooling' might be some excess water. This is just a guess though I have seen my little babe thrash his head when a mealworm was too big for him.
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    sounds like the other word for that mucus type of spit pronounced loo-gee. Right?
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    Magical Fountain?

    Is the filter in the fountain a carbon filter or what? Would a carbon filter thats usually made for aquariums clean the water recycled in a fountain? (just a thought).
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    Will has cooties... :p
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    It's something horrendous that guys have. It's usually contagious and transmitted through touch. Stay away if you suspect someone has it.
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    Any New York Reptile Shows???

    NYC reptile shows are usually a couple months apart, i went to the one in January and got a Jackson. They are in White Plains. I live in Manhattan so I took a train to the bronx met up with my friend and took the Metro North all the way to White Plains. It leaves you about a block away from the...
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    Been thinking ( VERY dangerous!! lol )

    Laragail, Honey is thick heavy and syrup like. Imagine all the insects that come and get stuck in the goop. Lol. At night you can try attracting bugs with net and light. I wouldnt kno tho cuz i live in the city but when i visited my cousins he had a whole bunch of bugs on his screen door...
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    not pooping

    nasty nasty..when the chams are babies the urates (that white part) is stuck to the poop(brown part) right? At least thats how mine poops.
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    I got this excerpt from chameleon news. Its your exact question. Can you house a male and female Jackson Chameleon together without any problems?? A. I would not recommend this practice unless you have a considerable amount of chameleon experience to help you observe your pair and spot...
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    Been thinking ( VERY dangerous!! lol )

    Did you know theres a chance that certain spores can get in honey or whatnot to create a very sick human possibly a cham. Like give the person Tetanus cuz the bacteria in the honey is Botulin something or other (I learned this in class). Anywho what if the bee that u got with the pollen from...
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