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    Chameleon Ears?

    Thanks for the help! He didn't mind at all he was just observing on his basking spot wondering what the heck I was doing.:D
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    Chameleon Ears?

    So I've wanted to vacuum this part of my house where my chameleon is located. I know they do not have ears like we do I'm just a bit curious if any of you run into this problem. Will the frequencies of the vacuum spook my cham out? I would appreciate the advice!:)
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    Humidity/Hydration/Drainage - live plants, sm. cage dilemma

    I ran into the same problem when I got my ficus plant for my chameleon. :( However, realizing the problem now is better then realizing it months in the future. I'm sure you will fix it!:)
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    How do you dust your crickets?

    I keep the bag that I get the crickets in. Once they are in their tote I will catch the amount I want to feed my chameleon and pinch a small amount of calcium into the bag and shake lightly until I think they are perfect to go! :D
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    Please help! Glass Exo Terrarium/ Screened Cage

    Thank you for your time! From my understanding he is about four months old and the temperature of his basking spot is always around 88-89 degrees while his cool spot is on 75. I angled the light fixture a bit differently and that actually helped. He wasn't lunging at the glass at all and...
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    Please help! Glass Exo Terrarium/ Screened Cage

    Hello Everybody! I just recently received my very first Veiled Chameleon "Mango" and I'm very excited! It's been just a shy of four days since I got him and I'm totally concerned already of his very well being:eek:. I've done a lot of research on chameleons and I hear that glass...
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