Chameleon Ears?


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So I've wanted to vacuum this part of my house where my chameleon is located. I know they do not have ears like we do I'm just a bit curious if any of you run into this problem. Will the frequencies of the vacuum spook my cham out? I would appreciate the advice!:)
It's okay. Sheldon don't mind it at all, he just watches then "what ever".
So in my experience it's ok :)
I don't think your cham would have a problem with it, but if you're worried, you could always move him/her out of the room while you do it.
Thanks for the help! He didn't mind at all he was just observing on his basking spot wondering what the heck I was doing.:D
I vac out the bottom of the viv regularly with him still in it. No problem .:)
Chameleons do have ears...just not the external parts/opening.
They don't have as wide as range get of hearing as we do though from what I've read.
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