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    Concerned about chameleons color & lack of activity

    I also add in repashy bug burger and superload into gutload..just never seem to see any crickets wanna go for it
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    Concerned about chameleons color & lack of activity

    I add 1 part bee pollen 1 part spurilina to 3 parts supplement..I do also add them into gutload. But to be honest I'm not confident the bugs eat the gutload..I shared what I mix up and all say it sounds very good so idk
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    Does my Veiled Chameleon have all the correct supplies?

    Welcome..Send pics !!...back of feet to determine sex..males have a third claw or spur as they call it ....also males have vertical bars where as females have a more horizontal pattern ...supplement with phosphorus free calciums with no want to alternate every other week using a...
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    New Jackson’s Cham enclosure

    I have a baby about to be going on 3 months old..getting bigger but still so little
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    Day one of trying to get my chameleon to like me

    Using tongs as a clicker will start training them up
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    New Owner, Questions About Handling

    Had similar problem ..once you fill that cage up and try for live plants she will get more comfier looking instantly ..few different reasons but better living conditions equals better health and better chameleon what you can at your own pace to fill that cage out a little more
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    Is my female gravid? /proper egg laying setup

    Thank you for this info
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    Is my female gravid? /proper egg laying setup

    I used a mix of repti soil , cocoa fiber, filter sand ..3.2.1 long as the borough dug will hold it is fine..and the size looks adequate
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    Is my female gravid? /proper egg laying setup

    First time mine layed I didn't even know if it was male or female..she layed them after only two days of owning her with no type of bin..she layed them on the floor..its been 4 months now and she is already gravid again..I'm expecting her to lay anywhere from now till August
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    Is my female gravid? /proper egg laying setup

    She will become green and black and about a day or two before laying she will start digging and or scratching at surfaces
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    Gutload ingredients

    Yes I get dandelion greens...I dont do alot of the ones you speak of to stay away from
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    Gutload ingredients

    Just went to store and tried to grab as much as I could remember or find..let me know if any of these are bad for gutloading or if anyone has any other suggestions. Bee pollen Spirulina Brewers yeast Spelt powder Spelt berries Oat bran Whole oat groats Two types of granola with honey...
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    Zoo med Reptivite vs. Exo terra multi vitimin

    This question is for veiled chameleons ...I have been using the reptivite as my multivitimin.. I also have the exo terra multi vitimin that I never used before..are they basically the same or is one better than the other? if the exo terra multi vitimin happens to be the better option would I...
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    During laying and after laying photo
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