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    Weird sleeping position

    That is funny, Yeah my vieled has his special little branch he lays on everynight. He starts going to it about 5 min before the heat lamps go off. My uvb lights go off 30 min after them but he already heads to his limb before the heat lamps go off. How can he determine before the heat lamps...
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    Weird sleeping position

    Hah, Sounds like mine. I have woke up in the middle of the night with mine hanging upside down. I dont think its anything unusual to see them in odd positions during sleep.
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    DIY Enclosures

    I used a fiberglass mesh screen from lowes. It comes in 4 feet rolls in a box i believe. The crickets will chew through it but i feed him those by hand and it doesnt melt with my 150watt heat lamp sitting directly on it either.
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    DIY Enclosures

    I have a thread in photography forum. Its titled my cage. I used the L shaped brackets on mine. And my whole front is a full swinging door. I have 2 fake trees in the at the moment but plan on putting a hybiscus in there in place of a fake one. I used 8 pieces of 8 foot 2x2s and cut them to size...
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    DIY Enclosures

    I built a 7 foot tall, 4 feet wide, and 3 feet deep cage with 2x2's and fiberglass mesh screens for under 75 bucks. I wanna say it was around 55 bucks. It took maybe 2 days to build and has a full size door in the front. The bottom is made of paneling also. Its in my avatar if you have any...
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    lights out

    I have my heat lamps set to turn on at 5:30 am, And my uvb to turn on at 6:00 am. Then i have the heat lamps to go off at 5:30 pm and my uvb to cut off at 6 pm. I figured out he couldnt really see all to well when all the lights cut off so i try to simulate a little moon light with the 30 min...
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    Is He Stressed??

    I have a picture of my chameleon of what he looks like during most of the day But at night he is a different color when he sleeps. Im wondering is he stressed when he is the brown color? I mist 2 times a day, basking spot is 90-95*, other side of the cage stay around 82-85, and the...
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    My cage!

    Yeah, I messed up and kept about 250 crickets in a reptarium. In a few days i had none and a lot of holes in the thing. I feed him crickets by hand now because i dont want crickets roaming around my room at night. I let a moth in there the other night on accident and it didnt take him long to...
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    Heavy Sleepers?

    I'll have to catch scooter doing the hanging upside down trick one night and post it. First time i seen it i was like I hope he doesnt fall and couple hours later when i woke up he was still like that.
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    My cage!

    Is my cage that bad that noone wants to leave me any comments?:(
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    My cage!

    Here is my cage that cost me 55 bucks to build. Its 7'x4'x3 deep. I hope everyone enjoys.
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    Ok, I was feeding my veiled this morning and i put like 6 crickets in a cup and hold it in the cage with him and he eat out of it. Well i noticed there were 2 dead in the cup and thought i throwed them out and went about dusting them. Went to feed them and went to look into the cup and about...
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    Few Pics

    Here are a few pictures of scooter. Enjoy
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    Tree exposure question

    I have a fake tree and 2 hibiscus in a 6 half foot tall 4 feet wide 3 feet deep cage and it wanders all over the place. He also eat my hibiscus leave too. It is a male adult veiled.
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    Fiberglass Mesh vs Crickets

    I have my whole cage wrapped in a fiberglass mesh and i was wondering will crickets eat through that. I have heard something about them eating it but i didnt know if it was true. Thanks in advance.
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