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Ok, I was feeding my veiled this morning and i put like 6 crickets in a cup and hold it in the cage with him and he eat out of it. Well i noticed there were 2 dead in the cup and thought i throwed them out and went about dusting them. Went to feed them and went to look into the cup and about the time i do he snags up a dead one.:( I dont know what to do. I have heard that they could carry bacteria and such but i think they died because i left them out in the sun a few hours. Maybe he will be alright.
I would be shocked if there was any problem due to this.

If it was really fetid, he probably would have spit it out. I would not be too worried about it. Watch him to make sure he continues to eat and defecate normally for a day then don't spend any more time worrying.

If it is a veiled they are know to eat dead stuff. Agreeing with what Matt said I doubt anything bad will come from it.
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