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    I want to give you TOOL really...

    Don't disappear now tho.
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    Identifying Other bugs in cricket shipment

    It's common. For those to be in there. You can call the crik co. And ask them. There may also be micro small ant looking things that are cleaner bugs. They clean after the crickets. I'm talking micro small all sounds normal to me
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    I want to give you TOOL really...

    Prison sex is my favorite video it's so sad.. I can't go tho but it's so cool what your doing. Good luck
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    New to Chameleon

    Welcome. This is a great place. Post pics of your Carl
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    Hello Everyone! Sambava Time!

    He's adorable! Stay on here and post pics I wanna see him evolve too.
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    What are Some of Your Favorite Songs and Music Videos?

    I'm old Tool. Prison sex video.
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    Salad bowl?

    My Seymore loves loves loves mustard greens and all the other stuff I put in. I caught him yesterday reach down with his hand and picked up a piece of greens and ate it. It was cool to see. I'd definitely give your guy veggies. More nutritious options are always good
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    Meet Maka-nui

    Awesome have fun with your new buddy
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    Unknown Sickness

    I'm sorry. This was a hard thing to go through.
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    Chameleons and mirrors?

    He's beautiful. Maybe he's flirting with himself.
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    September 2015 Photo Contest

    Oops put it 2xs
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    September 2015 Photo Contest

    My Seymore every morning colors
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    Hornworm trade San Diego?

    Those things grow too fast. I know rainbow crickets has the tiniest horn worms right now I got some 3 days ago. They have 2 locations. 1 in Compton and I'll tell you in a minute where the other location is.
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    New to the chameleon world!

    Very pretty. I have 1 male veiled named Seymore. This is a great place it's my happy place. Welcome.
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    2016 Calendar - Veiled Chameleons

    This is my male that had MBD I'm so happy he's healthy now. Seeing that disease in person scarred me.
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