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    New home needed for healthy male veiled

    Hi all Unfortunatley I am moving, subsequently I cannot keep my chameleon any more. I am from the uk, south east. He is mal, veiled, extremely docile, no health issues. He is obviously free but I will only let him go to a responsible caring owner.
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    Most Amazing Hornworm Price EVER

    Can you ship to the UK?
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    Gut loading advice please

    Hi all Can anyone recommend gut load for large adult locusts and pachnoda grubs. I have a veiled who is extremely fussy and is wary of fast moving bugs like crickets... When he was younger hoppers seemed to gut load easily but locusts just wont take anything, I've tried sweet potato, oranges...
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    Normal spines?

    Hi Recently I have notices my veilds spines have darkened considerably but on 1/5 of his back, is this something to be concerned about?
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    Can gutloading be done this way? Also pic of Rio :)

    Hi everyone So I've started gut loading with dandelion leaves as I have researched they are the best for calcium and low in phosphorus etc... Hes very fussy and doesn't like fast moving bugs, so locust are the only hard bodied insects he will eat... and gut loading them seems to be a...
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    Different species of veiled chams?

    :notworthy:Perhaps I should never of asked
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    Does anyone know what this white spot on the spine of my Chameleon is?

    As they get older their shedding starts in all different segments of their body. Looks like they're just about to, keep your eye on it over the next two days if it hasn't shed take another pic to see if its changed...
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    What's the next step to tame my veild chameleon???

    The process of gaining a chameleons trust isn't a fast one. My veiled would hide just ar the sight of me. But now its a very different story! I started by getting a chair and sitting at his vivarium with the doors open for at least 10-15 minutes before hand feeding. (for a few weeks) Then...
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    Water in my chameleon's eye?

    Is there a handle anywhere near by?? If so grab hold and GET A GRIP aha
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    Different species of veiled chams?

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone would be able to educate me further on veiled chams. I have read on the forum that there are subspecies of veiled chams, I would love to know in more detail as I care for a veiled. I have tried the internet for more details but cant seems to find any...
  11. Rio


    18 months
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    My veiled then and now...

    Nearly two and doing great :)
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    is something wrong with Treeko the veiled Cham ?

    Hi, most of your husbandry ect seems fine. I wouldn't recommend gut loading with spinach it isn't as beneficial as you'd think for cham, try Kale or sweet pot etc. With your supplementing you will need to get calcium with d3 and multi vitamins, they should be used every two weeks. I keep...
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    Need some advice

    Her colours are normal, I have veiled who does exactly this. When in their vivarium and basking their colours do dull down to absorb more heat, completely normal. Also coming out to roam is exciting stuff so I'd glow green if I could lol!
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    Hunger Strike

    My boy hates crickets too, hoopers and small adult locust are good. In the wild these pampered pets wouldn't dare miss a meal, we've allowed them to get far too fussy!
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