New home needed for healthy male veiled


Hi all

Unfortunatley I am moving, subsequently I cannot keep my chameleon any more. I am from the uk, south east.

He is mal, veiled, extremely docile, no health issues. He is obviously free but I will only let him go to a responsible caring owner.


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I totally understand ur motive to try finding him a new home,since this is a chameleon forum ,Its hard for people to find out ur exact location especially u are from the UK,its like u putting a note in a glass bottle and waiting for people to read them:rolleyes:
My suggestion for u is try post some ad in local around where u live....maybe local pet store ,once u found the people interested in ur cham,u can always choose the person or even pass on ur way on how to take care of ur male veiled to them.good luck finding him a great home!!
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