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    How to recapture all escaped crickets!

    Consider glue pads as well. Used for trapping mice or other small pests, I have used them successfully placed in corners or under cage areas. With over 30 breeders we get more than a few escaped crickets - the pads won't get 'em all but they fill up fast! I don't like the idea of reusing...
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    For Sale - Holdback Ambilobies

    We have 2 holdbacks from our Red Body Blue Bar "Truk" line. Around 3.5 months old, they are showing lots of potential with reds and oranges coming in strongly. These big boys are eating 3/4" crickets, hornworms and silkworms are look to be showcase animals with maturity in another few months...
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    Respiratory Infection... bubble over feces?

    If you bought him from a reputable dealer, he should stand by what he sold you. Your chameleon didn't develop an URI in a week. Call the guy about the issue and try your best to treat at home. If things don't improve in a couple of days, trade him for another. You shouldn't have to spend a...
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    Ambilobies - High Red!

    We have a clutch of premium Ambilobies showing lots of reds ready to go! Sired by our beautiful red body blue barred "Truk", these little guys are well started at over 3 months of age and the males are really starting to display their colors. Dam's bloodline is from our "Tarawa" line. The...
  5. Hot Colors

    Hot Colors

    "Tuluvu" showing off
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    Newbie looking for advice

    Glass aquariums are definitely not what you want but the exoterra offers a little airflow so you might be OK. If you had a Jacksons that required a lot of humidity an exoterra might be the way to go but since panthers and vields don't require so much humidity, a cheaper screen cage is great...
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    New Banja from The Jungle Panther!!

    Ha, just saw this post - thanks for the endorsement, Chamcapture. If there's anyone who knows his Ambanjas its you so your compliments mean a lot! Glad you're happy with your new Banja.
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    How to attach the sticks

    If you wanted to try the hot glue gun, you can buy one at a hardware store for less than $20. I've tried thumb tacks, some of the branches will spin when your cham uses them. I wouldn't recommend using tacks.
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    huge hornworm?!?!

    Soft bodied silk worms and hornworms don't pose the problem that hard bodied insect do so the space between the eyes rule can be tossed. I have fed very large hornworms and silkworms to my ADULT panthers - male and female - with no issues whatsoever. If in doubt then just let the hornworms...
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    How to attach the sticks

    I simply hot glue in place. No problems for many years.
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    Nosy Faly baby fired up

    Had a faly hatch out about a month ago and have been raising him by himself - now the others are starting to hatch and he's not happy to share his enclosure. As babies, its funny how they are fine together for a couple of months but if kept alone for a few days - no matter how young - its zero...
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    Holy banjamoly!!

    Chamcapture, here's another pic of your new banja -
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    Zues first shed

    Nice Ambanja - you didn't get him from me did you (Steve @ the Jungle Panther)? It looks a lot like some of the Ambanjas that I produced a few months ago. Just curious - love the reds.
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    Amazing colors 7 month old BB Ambilobe Panther

    He's a beauty! The cool thing about breeding Panthers is the diversity within a clutch. Leo was sired by Tarawa - pictured. Even when breeding blue bar to blue bar you'll get some red bars in the clutch. To twist the words of Forrest Gump: "Chameleons are like a box of chocolates, you never...
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    Blue Bar Ambanja Holdback

    For sale is a holdback blue bar Ambanja hatched 11/29/2012. Eating 3/4" crickets and medium/large silkworms, this guy is developing some awesome blue barring. Very calm personality like his dad (Iwo, a retired breeder), this beautiful cham would make a perfect breeder or display animal. Live...
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