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    I'm back!

    Aww your too nice! Thank you. Yeah I had a pair of parsons too but also had to let them go with everything else. It broke my heart selling everything but so happy to be getting back into it. I guess once you have the bug it never goes. Lol. I've been speaking to a man here in the UK who owns...
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    I'm back!

    Guys guys, So about 2 year ago I was forced to sell my collection of Panther chams that I was breeding here in the UK, some of you older members will probably remember me (hopefully! Haha),I was breeding faly, tamatave, mitsio, ankaramy, masoala (cap est) to name but a few and have been out...
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    2.0 Masoala/cap est panther chams

    Hello, I have 2.0 masala/cap est Panther chams for sale. They are both 4 months old now and coming along perfectly. I'm based in the UK.... Pm me for more details and pics. £175 each.
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    The last pic I ever took of Comet, CB Mitsio

    Thank you all so much for the kind words! It was a very hard choice to make, to move to a better area but in a smaller house meaning I was to sell my Chams or stay put. In the end the wisest decision was made and the Chams had to go. It breaks my heart when I see the pics of them but i know...
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    Thor, Nosy Faly

    Heres my WC boy Thor, this is the best pic I took of him, I no longer own any Chameleons, apart from a few baby Cap Est that are hatching from a clutch I kept. Enjoy....
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    The last pic I ever took of Comet, CB Mitsio

    This is the very last pic I took of my favourite boy, Comet, before I had to sell all of my Chams due to moving and having no space for them. :(
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    Yellow Submarine -- Nosy Mitsio

    Mr Benton says YES!!! Gorgeous Cham, absolutely gorgeous!!!!
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    WC Nosy Mitsio males battle

    Ive been away for a little while, glad i came back and seen this thread! Those Mitsio are amazing, my favourite locale without a doubt! You are one very lucky person to be owning those two...:D:D:D
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    Sleepy Nosy Mitiso Male and Ambanja/Ambato Male

    Lovely pics, I had Ankify that looked almost exactly like your Ambanja except a little more yellow when sleeping. Beautiful locales you have there.
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    update pics of faly, mitsio, parsonii and t laterispinis

    Fantastic Chams Kev. I love how the Faly turned out, I wish I had bred more now! Missing not having my Chams now, if only we hadnt have had to move home I would still be breeding but hey ho. Your collection is great and a joy to see :D
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    Post your panthers!!!

    Heres the Chams I used to have. I no longer keep any due to personal circumstances but I think you will agree, over the years I worked with them, I had some handsome guys! Feel free to revive my thread as I love to show them off...
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    WC Nosy Mitsio Male (our other one)

    I dont have any idea what LTC is, but hes still awesome. lol Id love to see him fired!
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    WC Nosy Mitsio Male (our other one)

    Hes stunning! How on earth did you get a WC Mitsio? I thought they werent allowed off the island anymore?
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    my new parsonii

    Awesome dude, your now officially a real Cham owner! lol. :D
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    A quick PJ shot after fresh shed

    Such a handsome guy! :D
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