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    Is it better to use RO water to mist your cham over tap water treated with reptisafe?
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    flooring ?

    I got some outdoor artificial turf and cut two pieces to the size of the cage bottom. Twice a week I pull it out and wash it in hot soapy water and let it dry in the sun. Since it is waterproof it will not rot or harbor fungual growth. I got the suggestion from my vet. He said have wet paper...
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    Getting Ready To Sleep

    Is it normal for my panther cham to start settling down about an hour before the lights go out. He ususally finds his spot and sits there and just looks around and then when the lights go out he curls his tail and goes to sleep.
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    Can small crickets rip through a mesh cage?

    If it is fiberglass or plastic mesh they can chew their way out. If it is metal you should be fine.
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    Panther Cham Growth Rate

    How fast does a panther grow? I had my cham to the vet on 1-31-11 for a prolapsed hemipenis and he weighted 64grams. I weighted him today and now he is at 69 grams. That is 5 grams in nine days. Does anyone know what is a normal growth rate?
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    Anyone use reptisun 10.0s?

    I use a 10 and have no problems. Some people have reported that their cham will close their eye but I have not experienced that. The fixture sits on top of the screen so that blocks some of the uvb.
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    What substrate is best

    My vet suggested outdoor astro turf. He said wet paper towels can harbor bactiria after a few days. Twice a week I take it out wash it with hot water and dish soap rinse and sun dry. I have two pieces of astro turf so I have a dry one alway ready to replace the soiled one.
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    Panther Chameleon and Their Color

    He is a ambilobe and I think his sire is Ka-mahaliane at Krammerflage Kreations.
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    Panther Chameleon and Their Color

    What is the normal color of a panther cham when not stessed. My cham when crawling around his cage shows red around the throut and his body is green with blue strips. When he is basking he turns darker green and his tail curls up. He is not asleep because his eyes are open and looking around. Is...
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    Prolapsed Hemipenis

    That suprised me also. The vet sat with me and he spent over 30 mins talking about how best to care for the panther. Yoda's hemipenis was just a little dry from being out but the vet said the irritation should go away as long as it stays in.
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    Prolapsed Hemipenis

    I just got back from taking Yoda my panther cham to the vet because of a prolapsed hemipenis. The vets was great and the price was reasonable. If any one need a vet in Southern California (Temecula) please pm me. The vet did say that when caring for a cham you can not over suppliment. In thirty...
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    Exo Terra Dual Top Canopy

    I just got a new exo terra dual top canopy. I have a reptisun10 in and a full spectra light bulb as the tubes. I also have two exo terra repti glo 35 watt halogen bulbs. When you turn on the halogens a fan in the fixture runs to keep the fixture cool. Does anyone think that the small fan will...
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    Hemipenal bulge

    I forgot to mention that his droppings looked normal with white urate.
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    Hemipenal bulge

    My panther cham is around five months old and have had him for a month. This morning while he was having a bowl movement I saw what looked like two hemipenis deposit what looked like sperm on a branch. Can anyone comment on this. This is my first cham and was wondering if anyone else have seen this?
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    Yoda's New Cage

    The plants are real.
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