Exo Terra Dual Top Canopy


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I just got a new exo terra dual top canopy. I have a reptisun10 in and a full spectra light bulb as the tubes. I also have two exo terra repti glo 35 watt halogen bulbs. When you turn on the halogens a fan in the fixture runs to keep the fixture cool. Does anyone think that the small fan will stress my panther cham?
i use them on two of my cages. The fan is pretty quite and should be fine, at least it is for my guys. You should be able to tell if it starts to stress him or her out. I chose not to use the halogen bulbs. i just thought it was unnecessary and creates alot of extra heat where i didn't want it. I would also change your uvb bulb to a 5.0 and your basking bulb to a standard 60-70W incandescent light bulb
i doubt the fan will bug the panther much..but keep an eye on him..also would recommend a 5.0 not a 10.0
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