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    Dubia Roaches

    Hi all. I have started selling roaches. Please have a look at my website and tell me what you guys and gals think.
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    Heres what i have done so far

    its gorilla glue expanding foam. theres no fumes at all wasnt any even when i applied it. most people use it in the uk for making decoration for tanks
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    Heres what i have done so far

    it will be top half glass and the bottom half Mesh and the top of the tank is mesh too so there will be enough ventilation
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    Heres what i have done so far

    its just for decoration there will be proper vines and plants when finished
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    Heres what i have done so far

    im quite impressed cant wait for it to be finished and so cant my chameleon lol
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    Aaaw sorry to hear that. just keep ur eggs and you'll have a piece of her back again soon. and you can have them from the beginning and know they aren't mistreated xxx
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    Background so far

    Here is the background so far Im going to see if i can get green silicone to put in the cracks to look like vine. also i think i need another coat of varnish and coco soil stuff. if anyone has any ideas for it im welcome to them
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    What do do with the background

    Here is my background. I wanted to know ur ideas. i was thinking of varnishing over it and putting some humus soil stuff to make it look natural. and it will help keep humidity up when completed also its for a chameleon Thanks
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    Background for Viv
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    Background for Viv

    Its a water based glue
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    Background for Viv

    i havent got any silicone would grout or pva work?
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    Background for Viv

    Im doing a new background to go into my chameleons viv. i bought this and i was wondering can i grout the background push this onto it for a cool looking background Bargain for £3.05
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    New setup is here!!! Suggestions welcome

    how do u get ur pothos to grow upwards lol
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    Building Chameleons new home

    where would it drain to. wont the mdf sock up the liquid if there is holes?
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    Building Chameleons new home

    its about 3.4 foot tall. 2.6 wide and 1.5 deep. odd measurements but thats just me
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