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    RBBB Ambilobe babies

    I have 4mo old RBBB ambilobe Panther babies available!!! If interested please email me at [email protected] 1st 4 pictures are of Sire and Grand sire then babies
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    My RBBB babies!

    These wee ones have grown soo much. :love: I love all of them! They are 3mo old as of yesterday and it's going to be hard to part with any of them when the time comes.
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    Dubia roach questions

    My female chameleon likes dubia roaches and she will eat them out of a cup but my male chameleon doesn't! In my experience the dubia's just hide like others above are stating. Cup feeding them to cham should work but every cham is different . I end up finding more live ones when I do my weekly...
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    Color already!

    I will probably start selling them in February when they are 4 months old. I have another batch that are due to hatch before Christmas as I will definitely have my hands full!
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    Color already!

    They are RBBB Ambilobe babies.
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    Color already!

    More boys with color:)
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    Color already!

    Most all my male hatchlings are showing color already at just 5 weeks it!
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    Heatpad for dubia colony

    I mount mine on the outside sides of all my dubia colonies and it works just fine for correct temp gradient. I have had them for about 2 years now. I use the Rubbermaid tote method as well. Underneath does work to, you just have to make sure to pay attention to the type of material the container...
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    Can I see your panther growing up pics?

    1st pic is when he was 4 months old I believe and 2nd pic is today at 1yr and 3 handsome boy!
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    1 of 2 DIY enclosures!

    Thank you! I made them using great stuff expanding foam :)
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    1 of 2 DIY enclosures!

    Here is one of my complete DIY enclosures :) What do you think? It's for a baby female panther cham.
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    Need an enclosure feedback

    Hi, nice set up but would definitely add more plants like Vincentuanluu said! Plus I covered my cages back with plastic shelf liner normally used for cupboards, works great ;)
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    Lighting above cage??

    Probably the closer the better my cages are 4ft deep!
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    Lighting above cage??

    I wish mine just sat on top of the cages but the fixture is not built that way they're built to hang from ceiling or canopy! It would make life a whole lot easier if it did just sit on top but I know I can get some good advice from members on this forum:-)
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    Lighting above cage??

    Ok cool so about 2-4 inches or like 4-6? I don't have a uvb tester so just going off advice lol! I will be purchasing one soon though ;) Thank u for your time and advice!
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