Not sure if you have any experience with fungal/bacterial/burn spots but Jerry (panther 9 months old) has some issues going on right now. Too give you a history I have had Jerry for 3 months and he didn't come with any skin problems.
I've spent countless hours reading about chameleon care and there seems to be a lot of contrast in opinion.
My basic setup is 16" x 16" x 30" Reptibreeze - looking to go free range in a couple months
misting 8 times a day (89 degree warm water- automated) rotating 1 to 2 min. per session w/ drainage
5 to 8 med crickets per day, mixed with supers, silkworms, hornworms
In the past I was using a Spot Halogen light 50w (first 2 1/2 months in setup), currently Food Halogen 60w
5.0 UVB 13w (small)
Basking temp 85-90, 6" from top of head to bulb, ambient temps. in room 72-73 average day and night
(In side cage) Pothos plant (real) with branches and fake vines
Handling, couple mins. most days
Standard vit. schedule w/ both types of vit. A
Humidity range from 50% to 90% average 60%, I use a humidifier - I live in Texas
(Currently very active and eating)
As you can see from the picture Jerry seems to have a burn on his spikes. I was using a spot halogen because it came in a kit I bought from Coastal silkworms. I think the spot is hard to control temp. wise I kept using it because it came with the kit. Currently using 60w flood halogen. Any way I wanted to see if you think it is a burn as well. Also you can see other spots as well and I don't know if they are burn spots or bac./fungal

One thing to note is that I used to have super long misting sessions like 16min and 7min total of around 30mins.
again this was recommended by some people on the forum. My breeder said that was way to long. So now I think I could have created an environment for bac. and fungus. Looking at making an vet app. just wanted to see if anyone could tell me any info. One of the small spots looks like it is healing up, you can see the round scales coming together much like a scab would for us (you know tightening up around the skin, you need to zoom in) The contrast of his yellow/orange skin really shows the spots well. I really do care for this guy so please don't chew me a new one.
Thanks jonathan
I would say these are burns. I have never seen any other skin problem go so black his. I am not quite sure about the whiter spot closer to his neck tho. Could just be a healing burn as you said as well as the one on his legs and it probably is. If I were you I would take my chameleon to the vet asap and create a thread in the Health section for some advice from the senior keepers

I was surprised about your misting amount tho. 8 times a day and for so long sessions could create problems but I cant possible compare my conditions to texas. (I have a glass enclosure in sweden so yeah misting 3 times a day in just about 2-5 minutes with running dripper does it for me) Its important the enclosure dries up between each misting
I would also be careful with the halogen bulbs. They are pretty intense. I have one myself and its the last time I'm trying one. It even burns the live plants. If my chameleon would bask right under it I would probably remove it asap

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