Setting Up the Enclosure: Phase 3

Phase 3: More plants, vines, and branches

- Small Magnaturals ledge planter (earth color) $25
- Exo Terra Large Jungle Vine $11
- Fluker's Large Bend-a-Branch $12
^got all that on^
- Schefflera Arboricola in 10inch pot $18
^got that at Home Depot

The bendy branch vine thingies:
These seemed like they would be super easy and fun to set up.
Wrong (for me at least).
It's a pain to get the whole vine in the cage and then manuever it how you want it only to find out that it isn't strong enough to do that, so then you have to bring out an arsenal of twist ties, zip ties, and push pins to get the job done.

Anyways here are some pics...

Just the exo terra vine:

Both vines:

I had the fluker's vine zip tied to a branch so it helped support the Magnaturals planter because the pothos I put in it was really heavy and I was worried it would damage the screen.

As for setting up the Magnaturals planter, it was pretty simple, but it is more of a two person job, one holding the planter while the other attaches the magnets.

The last thing I did was put a Schefflera Arboricola in the cage. It is awesome, it really helps fill up all the empty space I had. Looking back, I kind of wish I had gotten a smaller one so I could put it in the hole where the hibiscus is, and have the hibiscus where the tree is. In a couple years, though, that hibiscus will be getting as tall as the tree.

The most difficult thing about the tree is I wanted to cover the soil with felt, but there were three separate tree trunk thingies in the one pot, so I had to map out each one on my felt and then cut the slits.

I guess I could've done a little better on that bit, but it turned out nice.

Oh, and I also cut out a little felt ring thing and velcroed it at the back of the pot to keep bugs, leaves, etc. from falling in the drain pan. You may want to also do this if you are going to have a small chameleon that could drown. As a bonus, it hides my ugly plastic drain pan.
FYI you can get good, cheap drain pans at Home Depot in the indoor plant section.

A final pic of the enclosure:

I think I'm pretty much done now, although I may consider adding another branch or two. What do you guys think? :D


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