Common Eye Problems and Solutions Rev1.1

Eye or Eyes Closed or Shut

1) Lighting - Incorrect lighting (CFL's, coil bulbs, mercury vapor) can cause a chameleon to close eyes and appear to be swollen.

-- Solution: 5.0 Linear tube bulb (reptisun or reptiglo) brands are great. Length of uvb bulb will depend on the size of your cage. Normal house hold bulb for a basking bulb. Basking bulb wattage will also depend on cage, ambient room temps and distance to the mearest brean or vine to bask from.Change any uvb bulb every 6 months.

2) Supplements
- Vit A deficiency can cause the eye or eyes to close and can appear swollen. This is a common problem with panthers.
-- VitA Solution: You can go about this in two different ways. A. Using a Mulitvitamin product like Reptivite with preformed vitA or Cod liver fish oil gel capsules.
-- Using a multivitamin with preformed vitamin A. You can administer the first dose by simply dusting crickets with this product. You can mix it with water and inject a feeder, dripping on the tip of nose/mouth or force feeding.
-- Cod Liver oil is a very potent source of VitA. Use this with caution. You dont want to over do this and cause more issues. A drop or smear the back of a cricket is all you need for a dose. One dose typically corrects the issue if problem was found early. If you dont see improvement the following day administer one more drop or smear the back of a cricket. If no improvement is found the next day. I would recommend seeing a vet and let them know you have administered VitA. Also if you havent seen any improvement by the third day the problem may be something other than a lack of VitA.
-- If you use proformed multi and you are faithful with your regimend. Some chameleons are not able to process carotenes into retinol in the body which in this instance you will need preformed VitA. Try dosing once a month to start off with a preformed. if this doesnt take care of issue try twice a month.

- Calcium deficiency MBD can cause the eyes to close and appear swollen.
-- Calcium deficiency MBD solution: Calcium w/o d3, Calcium w/d3 and liquid calcium and proper uvb lighting.
Course of action depends on the given circumstances.
a) If your chameleon has had no calcium at all and showing signs of mbd. Get to a vet asap.
b) If you arent faithful to dustings (maybe you only dust once a week). Check your lighting (see lighting above). I would recommend to start off with liquid calcium. If your animal is eatting. Inject the feeder with liquid calcium or you can force feed it via syringe. Do this every feeding for 1-2 weeks straight. It is important to have correct uvb lighting exposure with this to work.
c) If you use plain calcium and no d3 is present either via lighting or supplementation.. Check your lighting (see lighting above). Implement calcium with d3. If lighting is bad and the chameleon is eatting (change lights to recommended lights) and lightly dust for a week straight calcium w/d3 and from that point start a proper dusting schedule. If the animal is not eatting, take a small pinch of dust with d3, 6ml of bottled water, mix and draw into a syringe and if you are comfortable, force feed..
3) Debris - Anything is possible to find its way into your chameleons eye. Rope fibers, bark from natural vines, dust, shed and etc.
-- Solution: Mist the chameleon with warm water for 3-5 minutes 3 times a day. If available shower chamber 10-15 minutes once/twice a day.
4) Infection- If you see and signs of infection get to a good chameleon vet asap.
-- Solution: Usual medications given are Terramycin, Neomycin and Polymyxin B Sulfates and Gramicidin Ophthalmic Solution USP. Mist the chameleon with warm water for 3-5 minutes 3 times a day. If available shower chamber 10-15 minutes once a day.
Area By Area (& country) Vet list
5) Cleaning - If your chameleons eye is swollen for a few seconds or minutes at a time...this is natural occurance in chameleons.
-- Solution: Sit back and relax.

EYE or EYES (Open or Closed) and Sunken In

1)Dehydration - Not utilizing ways to get hydro into animal. Some medications will dehydrate a animal.
--Solution: Depending on severity.
a) Shower chamber as needed.
b) Force feed the animals pedialyte with bottle water 50/50 as needed.
c) Mist the plants and chameleon for 3-5 minutes/2-3 times a day.
d) Set up a dripper

2) Illness - Possible Parasites, organ failure or disease.
--Solution: Get to a vet in any instance.
Area By Area (& country) Vet list

Bumps On Turrets

Cornea Damage/Scarring

Eye Infection

Normal Eye Maintenance

Swollen Turrets (Not to be confused with routine maintenance)

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