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Does anyone have problems feeding superworms to their chams? My almost 7 month old Panther does't really like them, unless he's pretty hungry. Crickets and grasshoppers he can't get enough.

I try to supply a varied diet, mostly doing lots of field net sweeping and keeping crickets and superworms as staple.
Hi Alex,

I also have a seven month old cham, F. Pardalis. He won't eat them either. He also turns his nose up at horn worms, but will eat silkworms to some extent. Like yours, he really likes crickets and grasshoppers. I bought roaches, but haven't fed any yet. I am hoping they will reproduce. Not sure if he will take them or not, I hope so. On the subject of roaches, do they "shed" a skin when they grow? Found either a dead roach or a skin in the box today.

My current cham, Ezhno, will eat just about anything. The only thing he does not seem to be very interested in are silkworm moths. He loves the silkworms, just not too interested in the moths.

Hi alexf

With regards to superworms try sticking some fly screen to the side of your cage(near a favourite branch) with something underneath it(in case the worms fall) the worms will crawl up the sceen thus looking more natural, your cham with luck should have a go
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