Zoey and Drake


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Here are the pics of Zoey and Drake. They are really friendly and I am just in love with them. I will keep posting pics of them as they grow. I am hoping to get great advise on keeping them healthy and strong, as I have only cared for juvenile chams. I'm sure raising infants is more rewarding :)


(On the pic with both of them, Zoey is on the end of the branch.)


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Bought some crickets last night for the little chams. I thought they were gonna go crazy, they were so excited. Both of them ate at least 4 each. It is good to know that they are eating well.


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I am keeping record of what I can get the little ones to eat. Zoey has gobbled everything I put in front of her. She has a particular fondness for house flies lol.

Drake so far has been more picky about his food, but I finally got him to eat a mealworm. But he has finally started to shed, so I am thinking that that might have been why he hasn't wanted to eat a lot lately.
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