Zelig had his eye closed this afternoon


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Ok guys, panicky mom time.
I came home from work and my son told me that Zelig has had his eye closed for hours. I looked and sure enough his left eye was closed. Not only closed but like totally sucked in to the socket like not bulging out at all. So, here's me freaking.
Ok so my son said he had hand sprayed him. I filled it with warm water and did it again. He didnt open it.
So then I soaked a cotton swab with colloidal silver and gently swabbed it across the closed eye.

Is there anything else that I can try, to help him feel better?

Should I maybe shut their UVB light down for tomorrow? Maybe if its irritated he might appreciate it a little darker in there?

He seemed fine this morning. Both eyes were open when I fed him before work.
So my first thoughts were: maybe a hornworm knocked his eye?? He usually bas deadly aim, and always grabbed bugs by the head, but lately he hasnt been so careful, and has been grabbing them in the middle which does leave their heads free for swinging at eyes.
Or less likely, maybe from shedding??? (But so far this time only his tail has shed yesterday, nothing near his eye has been flakey in a while and doesn't appear to be now either.)
Very improbably he could have rubbed it on a leaf or vine but he's usually never clumsy and has had that same plant in there for a long time.
Sigh. If only it was a foot. I hate eyeballs and was dreading if I ever ended up with eye issues. And my poor sweetheart too.. :( - I mean, thank god it's him, if it was Zaphod he wouldn't be so tolerant of me poking at his eyeball! But gosh I was sure the first injury would be the big clumsy lug on the right. Lol.

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I am sorry to hear about your little one. That really sucks. I have read that a lot of people put them into a shower and run the shower for about 30 minutes. I would do a search in the health section for that info. It has worked for others.


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Thanks, yeah I knew about the shower thing, its a bit troublesome at the moment so I just tried for a shower like experience within the cage. I will run the mist king more frequently tomorrow to keep humidity extra high, and then I will be hand misting with warm water in our spray bottle.
It's sleepy time now so I won't be trying anything else til morning and I'm just reeeeeealllly hoping he just wakes up good as new!!! But, I case he doesn't, I just wondered if there's something else you guys would recommend. We don't presently have any sterile saline in the house. The boys might have an old bottle of visine of some sort hanging around...? And, again, I have a little bit of colloidal silver left...? If there's anything else you'd recommend???


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Well guys, both eyes are open this morning!!! :) phew.
It seems to be looking normal. Anything special I should be doing, as a follow up, to keep it that way?


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What I do is use plain warm water in a spray bottle and turn the nozzle to coarse spray, and spray it over his head like rain drops for several minutes.

They soak up the water and inflate their eye with it, then let the water out.
That is how they clean their eye sockets.

Also, most pet stores sell eye drops for reptiles.
Just make sure he doesn't drink it if you do get some.


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Just an update guys, his eyes have been fine since, so I guess it was just a temporary irritation. Thank goodness. Knock on wood. :)
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