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My veided cham... 4 months.. Snipe . i can tell he doesn't 'like' getting picked up... but i do it anyways because i feel that it's the best way for him to realize im not goin to hurt him... build some trust... sometimes he runs ... but when he gets in my hand he is fine.... usually he just sits there though... i give him a lil shove and he'll climb on my hand . :)... when someone that comes over... orwhatever wants to hold him . he tends to run back . turn around and stay on my hand and vice versa . when hes on someone else... and i put my hand there . he'll run back onto my hand... what u guys think? . this is a open ended question so post whatever you guys want about it
lol, yes it does. yes it does.have u hand fed him and he acually eatin from your hand? he refuses to eat out of my hand
he hasn't ate out of my hand either... :-( . but i haven't totally tried yet... a few times... he tends to lean away from me like goes parallel with the branch to avoid it... but when i dont have a cricket in my hand he doesn't move... weird..
lol yea. just about 10 min ago i tryed to hand feed him. i grabed the superworm by the end so it flailed around and maybe he would like it. i guess he found it threatening and he hissed at it.
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