Your daily Faly fix...

Discussion in 'General Photography' started by yankfanthom, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. yankfanthom

    yankfanthom Established Member

    He doesn't like my new phone at all :D

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  2. tkalawart

    tkalawart New Member

    thats awesome great color
  3. marco

    marco Member

    He looks great! Great work with him!!
  4. coldbloodedAL

    coldbloodedAL Avid Member

    Yeahhh buddy! Gotta get that fix, I was startin to t-t-t-twitch man! He is looking great:D Whos the sire?
  5. alpayne

    alpayne New Member

    He is beautiful! Where did you get him and what's his bloodlines?
  6. ChameleonAlley

    ChameleonAlley New Member

    He looks awesome Thom!! Healthy and beautiful. I hope you continue to enjoy him. I loved his chill personality.
  7. Bernie

    Bernie New Member

    Amazing colours!
  8. yankfanthom

    yankfanthom Established Member

    He's from the one and only Raiden!!!
  9. yankfanthom

    yankfanthom Established Member

    Thanks buddy!!! What's the countdown until we see the insanity your hatching?
  10. yankfanthom

    yankfanthom Established Member

    He came from Chameleon Nation's Raiden line through Chameleon Alley who brought them in and then a member of the forums who lives within a couple of hours had him and sold him to me. I have a female who's close to breeding with him so you can imagine the offspring they could produce!
  11. Chameleon Nation

    Chameleon Nation New Member

    Raiden and Nala

    So many beautiful and really unique males came from this guys mom and dad. He looks great.
  12. raphael14

    raphael14 Established Member

    very very nice, beautiful cham

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