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I know we havent been very active recently but thats going to change! Warm weather is coming back and Yoda is so excited ((:) If u have been following us you know that in the past we wanted to put together 2 extra large cages but werent sure how, and neither were you guys.. but we found a way! We recently ziptied the two cages together all around without gaps in order to provide yoda with a lugurious living space! At first he was a little confused as to why he had so much space but once he realized it was all his he became comfortable and happy with the idea of having a lot more space and has become more active again! The first image consits of the whole cage, the second is the right side of the cage and the third picture is the left side of the cage.. The last picture is our handsome man enjoying his misting!! We are very satisfied with how this turned out and became full of excitement to share this with the community! Feedback is greatly appreciated and we cant wait to become more active again, we miss seeing all the beautiful chameleons and their loving owners! The total cost of all of this was roughly around $150 it just goes to show if u really want to provide the right living space you can find great deals and alternatives for your chameleon! We hope you enjoy this as much as we do!!
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