Yikes! Sniper ate a stray house gecko!


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Some of you are familiar with my outdoor setup here in South Florida. Many geckos and anoles make thier home close to the cages because they drink from the misters. Sniper always has eyed the little lizards that pass outside his cage. Today when I was cleaning his cage, a medium sized house gecko was startled and ran into his cage. Sniper quickly zapped it up. Panthers prey on geckos and smaller chams in Madagascar, so I'm not too worried, I just hope it didn't have any parasites.
I wonder if there is some kind of deparisite vitamines that would be okay to give to your chams monthly. Or at least some kind of vitamin that can prevent parasites.
I hear all theres stories of chams eating butterflies humming birds, lizards, mine only eats crickets and super and mean worms... That is really cool
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