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Hi, i feel like a bit of a fool having to ask this question but im curious to see if anyone has any helpful information. Basically my yemon is no longer with us RIP and i miss her very much but i have one bit of hope left she did leave eggs which i can not put a exact date on so I'm watching them everyday alot of them went mouldy and rock solid, yet there is 7 which are white and look asif there growing il get a picture up soon as i can but do they sound fertile and any ideas on what i can do about the date problem im having =[ ?
The moldy ones were most likely infertile.

the ones that are still plump and white and around, are probably fertile.

Unfortunately, if you don't know when they were laid, then you wont know when they will hatch.

It took my eggs 9 months to hatch from when they were laid.

all you can do is sit and watch and wait for them to start sweating.

And sorry about your girl! :(
Yea i guessed i have to wait and see, i have the rough date but im sure will be ok if they start to sweat il see it. thanks for the reply yea they are still nice looking white not yellow eggs so im hoping i could atleast get one of these its been roughly 4/5 months so i check them every day like 3x, probbaly abit early for such a intense checking routine i have but id rather but safe then sorry hehe :). thanks for the reply.
I am sorry to hear about your girl. Be sure to remove the molded eggs or they might made your good eggs mold. What temp are you keeping your eggs?
i've removed all the mouldy eggs and im not sure on the temp dad help me set it up this is my first set of eggs which actually look healthy and have done for about 4-5 months :p so hope it all is ok. I am currently adding on to my iggy's tank name moses :') how cool. would it be helpful to see the eggs ? or does the description say enough? white plump is how they are described one is yellow but its true this could be infertile or nutrition problems? its not dented or mouldy/sunk so i've kept it in there. thanks for all the reply <3 reptile lover.
Do you have the eggs under a basking light?

If so, you should turn it off. the eggs do best in dark settings.

I simply placed my eggs in a dark closet.
Nope not under no direct light its in a small room i keep all my reptiles in so its warm enough. i could try get a picture up for you if i can figure out how to :p trying to get a picture of my male veiled as profile picture couldn't figure it out haha.
The temps have allot to do with how long it takes them to hatch. I keep eggs around 75 or 76 and my veileds eggs hatched in 8 months. If you keep them cooler it could take a little longer. If you keep them warmer they would hatch quicker but too warm is not good for the developement of the babies.
They are around that also i think its may change slightly overnight but they have been ok up till now i think, so im scared to change anything if that makes sense.
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