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Hi I have just adopted a yeman I got told he is a 1 1/2 years old I set his zoo med vivarium up before I picked him up got the temp set at 32-35 degrees c and I didn't feed him all day yesterday n haven't fed him at about 3 o'clock today gave him about 3 lockust and he hasnt eaten any of them.spayed him roughly about five it six times yesterday and constantly today. As he a bit dehydrated. He is just constantly sat at therop of the vivarium under his light.
Is all the normal as he is new to his surroundings any advise would be great thanks
this is Colin the adopted chameleon


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How are you measuring his basking temp? 35 c seems too hot. I would drop it to 30c welcome to the forum. As suggested by Olivia can you fill in the form please.
I have got an Exo terra thermometer and set to the temp the pet shop told me to he is very dehydrated his eyes are sunk in I am spraying him at least 5 times a day. And he isn't eating neither
If it's one of the disk ones, they are not very accurate. The ones with a probe are better. Get the temp to 30. If he is not drinking put him on a plant place the plant in the shower and aim warm spray towards the wall and let the water bounce off the wall so he gets the spray. Don't spray him directly. Keep him in there supervised for at least 20 mins. Hopefully he will start drinking.
It very important to fill out that form as throughoutly as you can so we may actually give you proper advice based on your current husbandry practices.

As for the hygrotherm please be sure to research it online and MAKE SURE there is a description that tells you the accuracy it will look something like this
+/-1 degrees ferenheight
+/- 20% humidity

Most hygrotherms for 20$ or so will have a horrid accuracy for humidity. Please spring for the higher priced one that has altleast a +/- 5% accuracy. The best ones to buy are ones for cigar humidifiers they are inexpensive and accurate.

Here is probably the best option, I've used that and I love them -
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