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my chameleon is 8 months old and the last 4 weeks has had normal pop in size but yellow wee . I spray him and he has dripper he also allows us to spray direct in his mouth .

He is really well in himself and comes out everyday and wanders freely around the house .
Also give him warm showers which he loves , but I can’t seem to get his wee white again ☹️☹️


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Oh really ?? Ok I did not realise I thought he liked it . So the orangey yellow at one end is normal then


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Never use warm water, only room temperature! Make sure to heavily mist down the entire cage for a minimum of 2 minutes each time to ensure everything is dripping to create a stimulating drinking environment. Gently mist your cham as well, they need it to cleanse their eyes. A tinge of yellow in the urate can be normal, but more than a tinge or orange isn’t good.
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