US Yellow belly mourning geckos (Lepidodactylus lugubris; Phillipine locale)


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Mourning geckos are a small arboreal species, with adults only getting about 4" long. The entire species is female, with reproduction occurring through parthenogenesis (note: as has been discussed with kinyongia, the rare male has been found; however, they are always infertile). They are a social species, so must be kept in pairs or larger groups.

In the wild, their diet is made up of small invertebrates,sap, and nectar. Mine are given crested gecko diet and various small insects on alternating days (generally fruit flies, rice flour beetle larvae, newly hatched red runner nymphs, and tiny superworms and mealworms). They get plain calcium dust on all insects, with 1 day per week alternating calcium with D3 or multivitamin (same as standard chameleon schedule).

I am offering well started 3-4 month old geckos in pairs for $70+shipping, or a group of 6 for $200 shipped. Feel free to message me with questions about care or anything else!


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