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Do NOT spoil him rotten! That is the worst thing you can do! Once you give them the upper hand, let me assure you all is lost. You decide what and when he will eat, when he should be handled and all other similar decisions.

...oh who am I kidding, I am a complete slave to my little guy. Pathetic really. My crickets and worms even eat better than I do. :p


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A Panther ambilobe :D. I am going to be one of these people that have a facebook page for him...i just know it! LOL!!!
they are cute, they are rude, obnoxious and sucks lol. dont give in to them when the "look hungry" they are always hungry! all im saying is, go for it, spoil him rotten, but dont ever over do it with feeding. its one of the hardest things to break, when you come home with your first chameleon and want to show it off, all your family and friends want to see it eat lol. there are times you have to say no. lol
but congrats and cant wait to see pics.

oh and try not to spoil him too too much, your FUTURE chams wont like that too much :p:rolleyes:
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