Yayyyy! carload of nice tree branches


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Took a walk about the block to find out what all the 'buzzing' noise was all about, and saw that a tree, perfectly healthy, was being removed to make room for a new home being built.
A huge pile of long branches were being neatly piled up for city removal.

So I told my self; "Self, those sure are some nice strong, smooth branches, aren't they!!"

Tomorrow, I will borrow my brother's truck, and grab my battery powered 'saw's all' and go help myself to my fair share of cham cage branches :D

Good, branches can last over a year in use for a cham cage, but they do eventualy need to be replaced, and I only have one tree in my yard that has nice hard and soft surface branches, my dogwood tree.

But it looks bad because I have been chopping off branches for cages!!

I look for branches that are still live and moist inside, are strong wood, and smooth surface, with no bark or other stuff pealing off.

Wash them up with a scrub brush, hot soapy water, and let them sun dry, then they are cage ready :)

Oh boy!! I'm going to get a whole truck full!! :eek: :rolleyes: :D


My in laws live on 7 acres up in Georgia every time they come to visit I make them trim some trees and bring me some branches. When I go visit them I trim their trees whether they need it or not. :D
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