XL Madagascar Hissers (25 Adult pairs) trade or sale

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Looking to trade or sell in the San Diego area now, or when temps goes down I can ship.

I have 25 adult pairs 2+ inches each
Type: G. portentosa (most likely hybrids)
$6 a pair (qty 7-15 pairs)
$5 pair (qty 16-20 pairs)
$4.50 pair (qty 21-25) (if you buy this many, extra males are a $1.50 ea, I can offer 25 additional males)

Willing to trade for...

Trioceros melleri / Meller's Chameleon (any size)

I am breeding G. portentosa and starting colonies of other hisser spp, so am open to trades involving any hissers other than portentosa, wide-horns and flat-horns.



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Also looking to trade for...

dubias (I have fed out most of my adults, so need to add more)
Eublaberus posticus (Orangehead Roach)


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UPDATE ON PRICES, AVAILABILITY After sorting out those that look like hybrids into another bin, I realized I have a LOT more than I realized.

X-Large adult G. portentosa (possibly hybrids, otherwise look just like typical Madagascar Hissers)
$3.00 pair (qty 14-30 / 7-15 pairs)
$2.75 pair (qty 32-40 / 16-20 pairs)
$2.50 pair (qty 42+ / 21+ pairs)

Extra Males 1.5 - 2.5 inches
$1.00 each extra males (buy 50-75 males I can go down to .80 cents ea.)

un-sexed nymphs (.25" - 1.5" mix)
$1.00 each

Looking for all species of hissing roaches
Orange Head Roaches (Eublaberus posticus)
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