Wow No One needs some great free stuff?


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i got a bucnh of enclosures, lights fixtures, vines, lets just say everything i have accumaulated over 9 years of keeping many chameleons and i need to get rid of it, i don't want to throw it out?? please contact me time is limited, i need to get it out of here. my place is under construction!!!
Oh, I wish I was closer too haha. I just spent a bit on getting a setup for a new chameleon. My first one, but the friend who gave me him has given me some supplies to start me off. I'll need a new big viv for when he starts to grow up though, I hope I can find someone as desperate to give stuff away as this!
Free Stuff Still Available???

Hey! I'm interested in starting an enclosure for some veiled chameleons. Any supplies would be extremely helpful. Im am in NY and can pick up supplies. You can contact me at 347.664.236nine
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