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Hi I'm a bit worried about our six month old veild Cham
, about two weeks ago we thought she had eggs so put a container in her viv about 8x8 square and 12 inches deep , she never touched it and seemed uninterested by it but we left it in anyway

Now about 6 days ago she went completely off her food and hasn't really eaten anything for about 5 days so she has gone a bit thin

After coming home from work today we found her at the bottom of the tank and covered in substrate like she had been digging but the substrate on the bottom is only around 1.5 inches deep !!
She looks very week and didn't think she would lay in such shallow soil so iv lifted her very gently up on to the sand to see if she would have a dig around , now she has tried to climb down to the bottom again but kind of stopped with her head about on the substrate and now wants to get back up but this is where I'm concerned ! She doesn't seem to have any co ordination and keeps reaching for the same branch to put her hands on but keeps missing it !!

She does have enough energy to try to bite me though and if I try to help her she gets very pissy and tries to bite

Iv rang a vet I can take her to in the morning and have spoken to them tonight , iv told them if she digs we won't take her but if she doesent then we will book her in but I'm a bit unsure weather to take her out of her environment if she is wanting to lay eggs and upset her !

Her tank has been covered over for the last 5 days to give her privacy the only time we have checked her is to spray her and make sure she is ok and if she has layed

Other than that she has a calcium supplied on her food , and some in her water ( she drinks from a rock bowl ) she has her heat lamp and uv bulb and the temps are usually around 28 to 30 on a day and 20 to 22 on a night

Any advice would be greatly apriciated and very help full
I can supply any info you might need but I'm on the iPhone so it takes a while to load and type a lot of txt like this

Thank you in advance we just need a little good advice
IF I read your info correctly, it sounds like you have a laying bin in the enclosure along with soil on the bottom.

If this is the case, given the option of laying in the tub, or in what she perceives to be the ground, she is going to want to dig in the ground.

She is likely worn out from digging hard and getting no where!!

As it woudl likely be a major undertaking to remove all of the substrate, you may want to get a 5 gal bucket, or plastic trash can, and fill it with a soil mixture as you did in your laying bin. Place her inside of it where she cannot get out.

Perhaps this will help her dig and lay since there are no other options.

I am sure others will chime in as well to offer some other opinions.

Saldarya beat me to it... was gonna ask what type of substrate. If it is not too difficult to remove it she would only have one option ;).
ThAnk you and yes that is corract , last night i decided to fill her tank with more substrate so she has further to dig i have done a mixture of substrate and sand but she seems very weak ! Iv lowered her heat lamp as she was freezing and iv drip fed her some water with calcium in and managed to get her to eat a couple of wax worms but her legs dont seem to be moving properly now like she cant controll them properly , im worried we might lose her bit we have done every thing right to care for her , a mixed diet the right temps and and lights and everthing

Im not sure if she has lots of eggs that are making her limbs go funny iv read that they can press on the spine ! Is this corract ?

Iv managed to ask my reptile store owner who we get her food from to come take a look tomorrow so im hoping she last until then
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