Worried about lil Chamster


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Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Hes a male Veild Chameleon, around 3-5 months old i assume. We "my girlfriend and I" got him from a reptile center around 2 weeks ago.
Handling - Other than putting him inside the cage we have never handled him.
Feeding - We feed him crickets that our "gut loaded" at the reptile shop. Then i grind up cat food/cereal and put inside lil cage for crickets that we bought. We put around 8-12 crickets inside cage daily. We sprinkle calcium on crickets almost every day and multi vitiamin at least 2 times a week.
Supplements - Exoterra- calcium and reptivite- vitamins
Watering - We mist the cage 2 some time 3 times a day. We use a drip system we made from a cup with hole twice a day. It drips for around 15min. But we both have never really seen him drink sense we got the dude. Other than when we spray directly on him.
Fecal Description - The honestly look half brown half white maybe green.
History - Unknown really. He is still pretty small. His sister that is still at the reptile shop is a lot bigger than he is tho. The shop owner says she just may have been more dominate than him.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - Its a glass Exo Terra 18 x 18 x 24 (WxDxH) in inchs.
Lighting - I know the lighting is both exo terra, I'll have to ask what wattage. If I remember is a desert light UVB 150W and a day light basking bulb. Both were recomendid by the reptile expert dude. We turn them on and off every 12hrs.
Temperature - The temp of the floor im not a 100% on but he never really goes down there. the mid temp of the cage is a lil over 80 and basking is at 90. The over night temp is at 73 in the house. We use a thermometer that was givin to use as part of the "chameleon package"
Humidity - around 50% to 70%. We just have a lil humidity temp gage. We just mist to keep the right humidity.
Plants - We just purchased a pathos and placed it in the cage a few days ago. We replanted with organic soil and washed the plant off very good. There is a lot of fake plants that were givin the okay to put in there as well. He's got plenty of places to climb and chill
Placement - The cage is next to our bed around 30inchs off the ground on my dresser. There's a fan across the room around 5 feet away that sits very high and blows air into the top area of cage. Vent across the room that may also blow a lil air into cage.
Location - Located in Mesa, Arizona

Current Problem - Chamster is not very active, even from the time we got him he has been pretty mellow, but even more so now in the last few days. We both have never seen him drink from the drip cup and only a few drinks when we mist him. Some time not at all in a day. He also has his eyes closed some time while he's chillin in the norm Basking spot. But from what we hear that's bad that his eyes are closed while the lights are on and is a sign of a even bigger problem later. He does open his eyes and they look just fine, he doesn't look to unhealthy also and he does eat. We both are just worried about him. Thinking of taking him back to the store for a check up if we can't get him acting normal. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

Pictures are helpful


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He could be constipated from eating the soil at bottom of tank.
Take it out and have nothing at all.
If u looking for way for drainage in the exo terra use a plant pot to catch the water and empty each night.
I have a exo terra but large one.
He will need a bigger tank soon


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I would Make sure he is getting enough sleep first. try not turning on any lights that are in the room, or shine through into the room. My cham is a really light sleeper. so on nights when we have people over, I found putting a dark sheet over the cage helped keep out light. :):eek:


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I would definitely change out that uvb bulb. That may be way too intense on his eyes and causing him to close them. Get a Reptisun 5.0 tube or a Reptiglo.


He's closing his eyes because of the uvb bulb. Get a reptisun 5.0. Id also take out the substrate, it'll cause problems if ate. You can use newspaper which is a lot easier and I'd stop gutloading with cat food because its not good for your champion.


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Thank you all very much. Looking for the bulb tonight to change and also will take out substrate and replace with newspaper. Well stop gut loading with cat food as well, and will do my research on the best cricket food on this site. I also did get his temps down in the cage. I will make sure he's getting good rest. But he does sleep pretty sound throughout the night. I'll try not turning the lights on tho or cloth over cage. Thanks again all! I hope this helps chamster.
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