Worried about color?

Hi guys,

So I've got a Juvenile Melleri about a month and a half ago and everything seems perfectly fine. He's generally pretty green and would move around the vines to hunt.

But since about 2-3 days, I've noticed that his color turned very pale and he's also always at the same spot now on top right of the cage.

Humidity always balances between 50-90% and top temperature is about 32-35 degrees Celsius. 89-95 F. Tank is 48x48x30. I have an auto mister (Exo Terra Monsoon) that mists every hours for two minutes. Feces and urines are good from last time I checked.

He still eats and would move to eat the crickets I guess since when I'm back from work, there's no crickets anymore but he's back at the same spot, sleeping there too.

He's actually shedding and it's been about two days now. I gave him a superworm (also left other in a bowl for him) this morning before leaving and he ate it but had been pretty hesitant. Usually he would quickly shoot his tongue and then it took him at least 2-3 minutes to be ready.

I get to think... is this color and behavior related to the temperature? Is it too hot? I've read it could be because it's too hot but then he doesn't gap his mouth. I've seen pictures on a site where it means they're healthy too but I'm not that convinced? Is it only because he's shedding? Also this morning when the lamp switched on, he usually would open his eyes pretty quickly. Now it took a few minutes. I'm suspecting lethargy?

I'm sorta confused...

Here's two pictures of his usual colors:

(He's sleeping on my shoulder)

And there is his color from yesterday's night (currently shedding and at this usual spot):

I've already seen him shedding once and he wasn't this pale so this is bothering me and makes me feeling very anxious. I know that Mellers are known on being very hard to handle from stress and can die pretty easily and I don't want that to happen.

Please help and thank you. :(


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That is waaaaay too hot for a Melleri, they are a montane species. Their basking range should get no hotter than 80-90 degrees F and the ambient should 65-80 degrees F. Is he sleeping during the day? That shouldn't be happening.
Yes I have seen the site already and this is why I thought it might be due to overheating from what they explained.

He does not sleep during day no.

I called a vet and they told me as well that it was too hot. Damn the guy that sold me the light bulb told me I would reach about 30 Celsius with it max. Now it was 35-36 in there. So I finally turned that off once I went back from work.

He started back on moving out of his spot, going down the cage and took back his colors as well! He even chose a different spot to sleep. I really am relieved because I seriously thought that he was sick and that I would find him dead... He's doing pretty alright and ate during day, phew!

Thanks for the replies guys.


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Thank god <3 I am so glad he's feeling better with reduction in heat ^^. I wish all situations were this easy to solve. Depending on where you are it could be just the heat wave that a lot of the US is getting. I don't know I forgot to check your location. I would definitely get a lower wattage bulb.
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