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I just received my worm order that has been sitting at the post office since the 22nd. I ordered from a new place and for some reason they wrote Hold At Post Office all over the box. The box wasn't even marked "Live Insects" . When I have ordered from Mulberry Farms my box has always been marked "Live Insects/ Avoid extreme cold or heat. I am not sure why they requested that it be left at post office. I put in the shipping instructions that I live in an interior apartment building and requested that the package be left at my apartment office if there was no answer. This has never been an issue before. Is it normal that the shipper request that the package be left at the post office? I was headed out of town Wednesday evening so because of a mix up at the local post office I couldn't get my package until today and fortunately the worms were still alive. Only thing is my silkworms are out of food. What can I feed them until I can feed them all off? :eek:
Mulberry leaves are your best bet, or buy some chow. They also seem to like carrots, butternut squash, and sweet potato, but I don't think those will work long term.
Well, I put Kale in with the silkworms when I moved them into a clean cup. They started eating it right away. I hope this will be ok until tomorrow when I can put some bug burger and sweet potato in with them. I only have about 15 left so I am hoping I can feed them what I normally feed my crickets. I will be ordering from Mulberry Farms next time. I have been very happy with their service and their worms. :D
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