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I used to but quit. I quit right in the middle of the ice crown patch.Armor my old character.....wich now my brother plays....his name is Xiondar. BE paladin On aleria. My brother is a wow fail, so he doesn't do anything but screw around so my guys in all old armor. But w/e still fun to look at.


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I played for 5 years and then quit in April. I don't know if I'll go back, but I'll never raid again like I used to, I can tell you that much. I ran a guild though, and it took up wayyyy too much time. I might check out the next expansion but I would probably only play casually. This was my main


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I played for about 6 months & stopped because it was too addicting... lol! Had a lvl 80 gnome warlock.

Now it's Starcrack 2!! :D Honestly, I prefer real time strategy games to MMORPGs due to the fact you can play a game for 20 min. & be done for the day, come back the next day & do the same thing.... MMORGPGs almost force you to dedicate hours at a time to get anything done due to the the missions being so involved.

I'll admit though, they're fun as hell! Probably why they're so addictive! lol :eek:


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ya i did, loved my Arcane/Frost mage...but heres the progression for me

WoW--->Starcraft 2--->owning a veiled

currently owning a chameleon trumps the other two, but I am going to play some Starcraft 2 as well, but I'm done with WoW I think : /


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I was on Kil'Jaeden on a top 5 horde guild named Blight. I quit after we finished Ulduar 25 Hard mode to take care of business, but im still going to Blizzcon this year lol.
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