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Is there a certain type of tree branch you can not use in your chameleons cage? The reason why I am asking is because I have collected some nice size branches that I would like to use but I am just wanting to make sure that I am not going to put something in Leroys home that can hurt him. :confused:
If they're small enough branches to put in the oven it's best to bake them first to kill anything living on/in them before putting them in your cham cage. I don't know if you have to worry about certain types of trees since he shouldn't be munching on them, but maybe someone else will have more info in that regard.
I just grab sticks/branches from outside and stuff them in the cage. No baking, no cleaning at all. I go for sticks without thick bark so it isnt ingested by accident. Ive done this for sometime now with no problems. At the moment I am using dried hops vines.
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